About Mr. Churritos

Mr. Churritos is a specialty dessert company based in Ottawa, Ontario. Our main offering is Churros, a tasty, crunchy, delicious snack. We have taken the popular dessert you can enjoy on the streets of Latin America and make it in a gourmet way. So what do we offer? We have different kinds of churros, hot drinks as well as cold drinks, but mainly, the opportunity to experience the Latin culture while enjoying a sweet treat. What exactly is a churro? A churro is a fried-dough snack and is traditionally rolled in cinnamon sugar. Our Churros have a distinctive crunch when one bites it, but the interior is soft and warm.

Past Events

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Our Churros

Private Events

Events & Festivals

Upcoming Festivals

Mr. Churritos will be very busy this 2015! We have the street cart permanently on Sparks St with O’Connor St. and we will also be at the following festivals:

Food Truck Rally
September 26th, 4pm-8pm, 135 Barrette St
Taco Truck Fest
Sept 28th- Oct 2nd, 11am-7pm, University Rd. Ottawa U
Mac My Cheese
Oct 2nd and 4th, 11am-10pm, Ottawa City Hall
Food Truck Extravaganza
October 7th, 11am-2pm, Loblaws 100 McArthur Rd
Poutine Fest
October 16th-18th, 11am-10pm, Sparks & O'Connor
Ottawa Night Market
November 7th, 4pm-10pm, Shaw Centre.